Business FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting or a phone call.  We can discuss your interests and make arrangements to support your business aspirations.

A: U.S. Embassy Baku has a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Department of Commerce that enables the Embassy to offer services typically only available from the Foreign Commercial Service.  These services have a fee and for the sake of maintaining a level playing field cannot be offered for free.  Other U.S. Embassies that do not have a Memorandum of Cooperation with Department of Commerce may offer help to U.S. companies as a courtesy but do not have the ability to offer the full range of services available at U.S. Embassy Baku.

A: Absolutely.  Please contact us to set up a meeting and we will happily work with a network of Export Assistance Centers in the U.S. to put you in touch with companies that might meet your needs.

A: We would be happy to put you in touch with our colleagues at AZPROMO whose mandate is to promote exports of Azerbaijani goods and services abroad.  Or feel free to contact AZPROMO directly for additional assistance.  We can also help you contact the U.S./Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce in Baku for additional assistance.

A:  We will happily link you with our contacts in the Foreign Commercial Service or at other U.S. Embassies throughout the region. We work with a network of colleagues who can assist you.