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Commercial Opportunities
May 10, 2022

The U.S. Embassy in Baku is open for business!

Our commercial officer and commercial specialist can assist interested U.S. firms in finding out more about the market in Azerbaijan, give you background information on specific Azerbaijani businesses, and help you arrange meetings with potential partners.  For a comprehensive overview of doing business in Azerbaijan we refer you to the Country Commercial guide.

As a Foreign Commercial Service Partner Post, the U.S. Embassy in Baku works closely with the Department of Commerce’s Foreign Commercial Service Office in Ankara to support U.S. companies interested in Azerbaijan.  We offer matchmaking, international company profiles, international partner search, and market reports on a fee for service basis.

U.S. firms are also encouraged to set up an appointment for a free briefing to discuss their interests in the Azerbaijani market and to get background information on market sectors and best prospects.

For Azerbaijani firms interested in partnering with a U.S. company for business opportunities in Azerbaijan we offer the same invitation to come see us.  In our meeting we can discuss you interests and help connected you with a U.S. firm or help you arrange to participate in an International Buyer’s Program to find the kinds of opportunities you are looking for.

For Azerbaijani firms wishing to export goods or services to the United States we can refer you to our colleagues at AZPROMO, the U.S. Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce and their network of experts who are well positioned to help you enter the U.S. market.