Community Building Initiatives Program

The Embassy of the United States of America in Azerbaijan is pleased to announce a call for proposals to support community building initiatives to increase inclusive growth and local community capacity development. This program seeks to promote the values that contribute to the growth of civic organizations and innovative individual initiatives to build Azerbaijan’s prosperity and well-being through competitive small project awards.

The amount of awards may not exceed $24,000 and are open to Azerbaijani non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and associations, community-based organizations (CBOs), and individual citizens.

Applications must be submitted by March 16, 2018.


What Type of Projects are Funded?

The competition is open to all well-developed, innovative community-building initiatives aiming to create an open, tolerant, and inclusive society, develop pluralistic communities, and foster economic prosperity.  The Community-building Initiatives Program has chosen to address the following topics within this call for proposals:

  • Promoting tolerant and pluralistic worldviews, and countering violent messaging in communities;
  • Empowering entrepreneurs, especially women and young people’s economic opportunities and potential;
  • Advancing women’s equality and advocating for the rights of women and girls;
  • Advocating for disadvantaged population groups by creating opportunities for their development as well as voicing their problems;
  • Capacity-building and development of young people to help them grow into the next generation of leaders.