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Humphrey Program FAQ

Q: Is the Humphrey Program a degree-granting program?

A: The Humphrey Program is a non-degree program. Participants may complete academic coursework at their host university to update their academic and professional knowledge in their field, but they do not receive an academic degree as a result of their participation in the Program.

Q: I worked part-time in a professional position while I was in graduate school. Does that qualify me for the Humphrey Fellowship Program?

A: Candidates for the Humphrey Program should have at least five years of full-time experience in their professional field and should be at a point in their careers to fully benefit from this mid-career program. Candidates with only part-time work experience will not be eligible.

Q: If I’m selected, what are the time demands of the Program?

A: The Humphrey Program is quite rigorous and life as a Humphrey Fellow does not resemble that of a graduate student with regular hours and a predictable schedule. There are many activities required of Humphrey Fellows as part of the Program. Fellows go on field trips, attend a weekly Humphrey Seminar, as well as other conferences and networking meetings, and may spend long hours each day in classes and involved in campus and community activities, in addition to spending time with other members of the group on campus. Fellows also travel away from their host campus as part of the Program, spending two weeks in Washington, DC for national program events. Fellows may also attend workshops and conferences in other parts of the country at various times throughout the year

Q: May I bring my family with me?

A: Fellows may choose to apply to have their family join them shortly after they have arrived in the U.S. Careful consideration should be given to bringing one’s family, however, as the Humphrey Program is very demanding, and Fellows spend considerable time away from their host campus. The Humphrey Program also does not provide an additional maintenance allowance for dependents. Fellows must show proof of financial support, adequate insurance coverage for their dependents that meets U.S. State Department requirements, and child care plans before they may be approved to apply for J-2 visa(s) for their dependents. Not all countries permit Humphrey Fellows to bring their dependents during their Fellowship year. Please check with the U.S. Embassy or Binational Fulbright Commission for country-specific policies.

Q: May I choose the university I will go to?

A: Fellows are not able to choose which university they will attend. Rather, they are assigned in diverse groups of 7-15 to the most appropriate host institution based on their area of interest and professional field.

Q: What does the Fellowship stipend cover?

A: The Fellowship provides for:

  • Payment of tuition and fees at the assigned host university
  • Pre-academic English language training, if required
  • A maintenance (living) allowance, including a one-time settling-in allowance
  • Accident and sickness coverage
  • A book allowance
  • A one-time computer subsidy
  • Air travel (international travel to and from the U.S. for the Program and domestic travel to required program events)
  • A Professional Development allowance for professional activities, such as field trips, professional visits and conferences

Q: Do I have to provide my IELTS/TOEFL certificate in order to apply?

It is not necessary, however, if you already have taken an exam and received your certificate you can add it to your application before the deadline. However, only short-listed candidates will be required to take the official TOEFL and GRE tests which will be funded by the U.S. Embassy Baku in October-November.

Q: Can I provide IELTS certificate instead of TOEFL?

A: Yes, you can. The minimum requirement for IELTS is 7.0 and higher.

Q: I am currently residing in Azerbaijan, but I am citizen of another country. Am I still eligible to apply?

A: No, in order to apply you have to both hold citizenship of Azerbaijan and reside in Azerbaijan.

Q: I am citizen of Azerbaijan but residing in another country. Am I still eligible to apply?

A: No, in order to apply you have to both hold citizenship of Azerbaijan and reside in Azerbaijan currently.

Q: May I provide recommendation letters later than the deadline?

A: No, the recommenders have to provide letters of recommendation no later than the application deadline.

Q: My recommender does not speak English. Can recommendation letters be in another language?

A: No, your recommenders will be required to visit website and fulfill recommendation form in English.

Q: I have finished university long ago. Can I provide all three recommendation letters from employers?

A: One of recommendation letters has to be academic, not depending on graduation year.

Q: I am currently involved in getting Master’s degree. Am I still eligible to apply?

A: Yes, if you are studying in one of Azerbaijan universities. Foreign universities (except US) students are also eligible, however we prefer to give chance to those students, who have less academic experience abroad.

Q: I am 4th year Bachelor’s degree student and have two years of working experience. Am I still eligible to apply?

A: In order to apply, you need to graduate from university and have a least 5 years of consecutive full-time work experience in the field you want to apply to.