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Marriage in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has established the following procedures to officially register and carry out marriages between a foreigner and an Azerbaijani citizen.  The following information, gathered by the U.S. Embassy in Baku, should give you general information regarding the marriage process in Azerbaijan.

Under Azerbaijani law, either the bride or the groom must be an Azerbaijani citizen in order for the marriage to be registered in Azerbaijan.

  1. Please Plan Ahead.  If you intend to marry in Azerbaijan, you should bring with you all pertinent civil documents from the U.S., particularly those documents (divorce or death certificates) establishing the end of any previous marriage, with translations into Azerbaijani. These must be original documents or court certified copies.
  2. Ensure That You Have A Valid Visa.  It is not possible to register for marriage without a valid Azerbaijani visa.  Visas may be obtained at the Azerbaijani Embassy in Washington D.C.  For more information on visas for Azerbaijan, please visit the website of Azerbaijan Embassy in Washington D.C.
  3. Get a Certificate of No Record of Marriage. The Government of Azerbaijan requires all American citizens wishing to marry in Azerbaijan to provide a “Certificate of No Record of Marriage” issued by the Vital Records Department in the state of U.S. citizen’s residence. This certificate should state that no record of marriage was found for the named individual. If the applying American citizen was previously married, he or she needs to provide a marriage dissolution certificate, and if she/he is widowed, then the previous marriage and death certificate should be provided as well. Please bear in mind that all of the above mentioned documents must be authenticated (Apostille) by the state government of the issuing state in the U.S., translated into Azerbaijani language and only then submitted to ASAN. For more information on Apostille, please click here.
  4. Contact ASAN Services.  We advise you to see the ASAN website for the most up to date requirements to register your marriage: https://asan.gov.az/en/service/asan-xidmetler/vetendasliq-veziyyeti-aktlarinin-doevlet-qeydiyyati/nikahin-qeyde-alinmasi.  ASAN hotline number – 108.  Per the ASAN website, required documents currently include:
    1. Written applications of persons, who apply for wedlock registration;
    2. ID cards of persons, who apply for wedlock registration;
    3. If foreigners or stateless persons, who do not have any record about their marital status in their ID documents, relevantly legalized reference note about their marital status issued by competent authority that citizen or permanent residing in the country;
    4. Person’s who have been married before should present divorce certificate (copy) or husband’s (wife’s) death certificate (copy), or court resolution that legally entered into force on annulment of marriage or an extract from the decision of the court;
    5. Person who are under the age of wedlock (18 years old have been determined for girls and boys) should present the order of the Executive Authority of the district (city) about permission reduce the age of wedlock;
    6. In case of one of the persons who had been in wedlock relations till July 8, 1944 died or lost without any information should present Court decision that confirm the fact of being in wedlock relations;
    7. Medical certificate those wish to enter to marriage;
    8. Receipt of payment about the state fee.
      1. Required persons: Persons who apply for wedlock registration.
      2.  State Fee: 5 manat
  5. Apply For A U.S. Immigrant Visa.  Recent legislation has led to changes in the procedures American citizens resident abroad will follow if they wish to sponsor an immediate relative (spouse, parent or minor child) for an immigrant visa.  Please contact the Consular Section for the most current information. If you are a visitor in this country or a legal permanent resident of the United States, you must file forms with your local USCIS office in the U.S.