Family Emergencies

If your family needs to contact you because of an emergency at home, they may call the Office of American Citizens Services at (202) 647-5225/5226.  The State Department will relay any message to us and we will attempt to contact you.  If you are registered, and if you have signed a Privacy Act waiver, we will be able to provide information about you to your family.  They may also call the State Department’s Overseas Citizens Services office at 1-888-407-4747 (or from overseas: 202 501-4444) for information on emergency services.  For more information on what the State Department can do see American Citizens Missing Abroad.

For more information on what the State Department can do in case of an emergency abroad, please visit the Emergency and Crisis page.

The Department of State can also help transfer money when a U.S. citizen encounters an emergency financial situation abroad.  For more information on sending money to U.S. citizens overseas, please see Sending Money to U.S. Citizens Overseas.