Food Safety Agency

Exporting Pets from Azerbaijan

It is the pet owner’s responsibility to research what paperwork is necessary for importing your pet to your onward assignment. This guide only covers getting your pet out of Azerbaijan. It does not cover the requirements for importing your pet to your onward assignment.

Email Siyala Rustamova (, Director of the Food Safety Agency, with the
following information:
o Introduction letter stating you are a member of the U.S. Embassy and providing all relevant
o Colored copy of your diplomatic passport
o Colored copy of your pet’s passport
o Copy of your e-ticket listing flight details
o Copy of all relevant vaccinations that your pet received
□ Go to ASAN Hidmet and pay 21 AZN per pet.
o Make sure your receipt says Ödənişin təyinatı: AQTA- Heyvan və quşların ölkədən müvəqqəti
çıxarılması 20 +1 AZN your name and DOB
□ Bring your receipt to the Food Safety Agency (Chinar Plaza: 152 Heydar Aliyev Ave, 6th Floor) and pick up
your International Health Certificate
o The working hours are 9AM to 6PM, lunch break 1PM to 2PM
o Landline: 377-0077