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U.S. Embassy Announces New Electric Vehicle
February 18, 2022

A new electric vehicle with diplomatic plates is now rolling on the streets of Baku. With the newest addition to the Embassy motor pool, the U.S. Embassy Baku is showing its commitment to support green initiatives. Deputy Chief of Mission Michael Dickerson introduced the vehicle in a “carpool karaoke” style video with renowned Azerbaijani singer Eldar Gasimov.

The Embassy is delighted to partner with Eldar and Caspian Media Group to showcase the new electric vehicle and the difference we can all make in support of environmental protection. The Embassy is grateful for the cooperation of the Landmark business center where we have installed the car charger. We will save money on gas, reduce our carbon footprint, and enjoy the efficiency of this vehicle we will use for daily business.

This move to electric vehicles is in line with President Biden’s pledge to cut U.S. greenhouse gas pollution in half by 2030 by significantly increasing U.S. engagement in international climate efforts. President Biden also announced American leadership on clean cars, and he set an ambitious target of 50 percent of electric vehicle (EV) sale shares in the U.S. by 2030.

As global citizens, we can contribute to these efforts by taking small steps like carpooling, limiting driving and idling, biking, walking, and of course using electric vehicles.