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U.S. Embassy Donates Trees in Honor of Local Staff
November 26, 2021

The U.S. Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan is pleased to announce a project to honor our Azerbaijani staff as part of Foreign Service National Recognition Day.  To recognize our more than 335 local staff, American Embassy staff donated a tree for each local staff member.

2021 had been an especially difficult year, but we have joined together as a team and lifted one another up.  Ambassador Litzenberger said, “By this donation the Embassy recognizes the exemplary service of all our locally employed staff and thanks them for their dedication and hard work.”

The Embassy partnered with the Baku City Executive Office to plant the trees.  The trees were planted in the Pirallahi District of Baku.  On November 26, 2021, Ambassador Litzenberger was joined by several local colleagues, including representatives of the Embassy’s Local Staff Association to mark the tree-planting.  Representatives from the Baku City Executive Office and from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources also attended the event.

The Department is committed to our Locally Employed Staff colleagues.  We thank them all for their service and dedication to our people and our mission.

Foreign Service National Recognition Day is celebrated on November 17.  This day celebrates the contributions of our local staff employees, which are imperative to our ability to effectively achieve U.S. foreign policy priorities around the world, and here in Azerbaijan.  Our local staff are fundamental to the ongoing work of the Embassy.

The funds for the trees were donated by American staff at the Embassy.  The trees donated and planted are olive trees, which are native to Azerbaijan.  The olive tree is special.  The Quran praises the olive as precious fruit.  The olive branch is often used to depict peace.  For example, the great seal of the United States there is an eagle holding an olive branch – symbolizing the power of peace.